COVID-19 and Healthcare Management

WHO develops most up-to-date technical guidance for clinical care of COVID-19 patients based on ongoing assessment of new evidence generated by the international community and first responders. It also:

1. Develops guidelines on clinical management of COVID-19 infected patients, supported by the Guidelines Development Group.

2. Establishes and promotes the Global COVID-19 Clinical Data Platform for clinical characterization and management of hospitalized patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

3. Launches a series of webinars to evolve our understanding of the global health challenge of the Post COVID-19 condition.

4. Leads clinical care operations of the global supply chain aimed at ensuring that Member States can access (including carrying out inventory of) priority medical devices.

5. Manages:

  • The clinical characterization and management research working group, to advance clinical research;
  • The clinical knowledge exchange network, bringing together front line clinicians from all over the world, to share expertise and experience.
  • A multidisciplinary group of Public Health agencies, academicians, patient-led research groups, WHO experts and other stakeholders to expand the knowledge on Post COVID-19 condition. 

6. Develops training materials for health care workers based on the most up-to-date clinical guidance,